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This course teaches you how odd position strength training can be the gateway to getting strong in all directions, moving comfortably, and experiencing fewer injuries.

FUnky Five: Odd Position Strength Exercises for an Unbreakable Body

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Infuse more fun movement into your day with this video package of four jazz warm ups and four relaxing mobility cool downs.

Jazz Up
Your Workout!

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Join this free Slack community to start showing up for your workouts and get support + tips to make them even better!

The Fitness Friends Accountability Club

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As a contributing coach for Balanced Healthstyles, I've written over a dozen articles about fitness and mindset. Click to read now, and check out articles by other coaches as well!


Things I Like

Xero Shoes is a minimalist/barefoot shoe company. I've been wearing their shoes for years and love each pair so much!
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Strong Coffee
Xero Shoes

Flown helps me accomplish so much! The sessions allows me to deeply focus for work and even get my workouts done!
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This coffee is so tasty! Considering I start literally every day with coffee, it's pretty important to me.
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Strong Coffee Company