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Go from being strength training beginners to confidently doing
what you love in only 12 weeks.

Story time: When I first started going to a gym, I had NO clue what I was doing. I was going to group workout classes and trying to copy what others were doing. They seemed to have it all figured out, and I felt so out of the loop. I almost quit, but a voice inside told me that if I just kept going maybe I could figure it out.

Does that sound like an experience you've had too?

I tried something new one day and (accidentally) found myself in a weightlifting class. But this one was different from the others- the coach took time to teach me how to do each exercise. I came back for more. I started to feel so much more confident because a) I knew what to do, b) I knew that I was doing it safely, and c) I actually started to get stronger!

I started feeling the effects of the strength and confidence from my workouts enter other parts of my life, like being able to dance better and hike more challenging trails without getting exhausted.

Even if you’re an active person, it’s common to feel intimidated by weights and overwhelmed by strength training programs!

this is for me

Strength training adds a new and empowering layer to every activity you do, from walking your dog to climbing mountains, so that you can feel confident in how your body moves and capable of all the exciting things you love.

Instead of trying to do it alone, you can learn strength training from the very beginning in a welcoming, non-judgmental, and community-focused environment.

In addition to helping you move through life with confidence, strength training also reduces your stress levels, helps you sleep better, supports creaky or painful joints, and gives you more energy. The effects of lifelong strength are endless!

You want to be able to show up for your life 100%.

If you’ve heard about how strength training can benefit you but have no idea how to get started, Colorful Strength is for you! It’s a carefully crafted program for strength training beginners that is welcoming and judgment-free. You’ll learn the exercises you need to help you get stronger, how to do them, and how to adjust them to fit your unique body. Learn alongside others to help you create a strength community and stick to your workout plan.

well, say hello to

Colorful Strength

I'm ready

With 30+ modules over the 12 week program, I walk you through step-by-step how to complete strength exercises, how to do them safely, AND how to make them feel as good as possible for your body.

Each week, you’ll learn an exercise or a group of exercises, but they won’t show up in your workouts until the following week, giving you plenty of time to ask questions and practice. With this gradual skill-building, you’ll learn in digestible bites you can actually apply instead of feeling overwhelmed.

My goal is for you to be able to confidently approach your workouts each week and feel the amazing effects of gaining strength without stressing. You don’t even need any specific equipment to get started!

You get exact steps starting from the absolute beginning.

You wake up in the morning after an incredible night's sleep with enough energy to tackle anything that comes your way today. Your friend calls and asks if you want to go hike a new trail since it's so nice outside. Halfway through the hike you realized you've already gone farther than you used to be able to do, yet you don't feel exhausted or sore. You finish the hike and move on with your day you don't have achy muscles or joints from the rocky trail. You feel like you could even do the hike again if you wanted!

The best part? This experience could apply to any of your favorite activities!

What if this was your
new reality?

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The next cohort begins January 22, 2024!

Weekly Live Calls
for discussions, questions, and community-building

11 Week of Workouts for building strength and helping you feel more confident in how your body moves
(why not 12? we spend the first week getting set up and finding your best times for workouts!)

30+ Video modules that teach you step-by-step and give you all the info you need to be successful and confident in your workouts

The Experience

11 Week of Workouts for building strength and helping you feel more confident in how your body moves 


A welcoming, non-judgmental, and weight inclusive environment for learning and gaining strength

Exercises for everyone - We extensively cover ways to make each exercise comfortable and accessible for your unique body

Community Slack group with accountability, tips, discussions, and answers to any questions outside of the live calls

this is for me
  • You want a quick fix - this isn't a "get strong in 30 days" program.
  • You have a weight loss or bodybuilding goal. This program doesn't include any instruction on strength training for weight loss or bodybuilding. If either is your ultimate goal, I recommend choosing a different program that will be better tailored to you.
  • You want to do your own thing. If you're not a fan of the group aspect, I recommend checking out Prismatic Coaching!

you may not be a good fit if:

  • You want to stop feeling intimidated by weights and start feeling empowered in your daily life.
  • You're ready to build strength with consistency and show up for the 12 weeks of the program.
  • You want to get stronger with the support of a group.

Colorful Strength is for you if...

meet your Coach

I’m an inclusive strength & movement coach who helps people gain strength, embrace their unique bodies, and find empowerment instead of judgment in fitness.. No matter what you love doing, I want to help you feel excited, strong, confident, and capable while doing it! With 8 years of strength training and 12 years of swing dance instruction under my belt, I aim to create a fitness space that is accessible and welcoming to all.

I’m Sarah!

Emily, Colorful Strength Client

Before Colorful Strength:
“I just wasn't moving like I wanted to be. And I truly thought I had lost all strength. I felt weak and it sucked."

After Colorful Strength:
"This program was the support, motivation, and education I needed to gain confidence AND knowledge. Most importantly, I realized how strong I am."

Simon, owner of epic home decor

“If you need custom art done, you have to go to Waverly. She knocks it out of the park each and every time.”

Simon, owner of epic home decor

“If you need custom art done, you have to go to Waverly. She knocks it out of the park each and every time.”

Frequently Asked Questions

You don't need anything to get started! We can use what you already have around the house such as backpacks and jugs. As your program progresses and you get stronger, you might want to consider investing in more fitness equipment in your home gym. You can join a gym if you would like, as it would give you access to more equipment than most home gyms. It's not necessary though!

This program was created for 100% beginners! There's no level of "in-shape" you need to be before registering. Strength training is for everyone and will adapt to where you are now. There will never be any expectation for you to be able to do certain exercises to qualify.

That depends! If you have concerns, you can book a coffee chat to discuss before registering for Colorful Strength. Because all the workouts in Colorful Strength are made to be altered, we can work together to make each workout fit your current abilities. I'm also a huge supporter of listening to your body during training and take breaks when necessary. 

Absolutely! Between the video modules, weekly live calls, and the Slack group, Colorful Strength is very involved and high-touch. I get to see you moving over the 12 weeks and give advice, and you have plenty of space to ask as many questions as you need. Being online gives you the ultimate flexibility with interacting with the program and the accessibility to do it from anywhere!

The next cohort begins January 22, 2024!


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