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Whenever strength training shows up on social media, you get a pretty good idea of what it’s like: Intense! Big muscles! Big weights! Lots of flexing!

Looking at all that is SUPER intimidating, and you start to tell yourself a story: “I could never do that! I wouldn’t even know what to do. I’m way too out-of-shape. I would hurt myself so fast! I’ve never been able to stick to a fitness plan, so that’s not even possible for me. I guess I should do that, but…”

What if I told you that everything you’ve heard about strength training is wrong?

  • Strength training can fit any body and any experience level. Big weights and big muscles are not the only fitness goals to ever exist, even though it’s what we see the most.
  • The benefits of strength training go so far past what you see on social media. Strength training builds confidence in how you move, and that allows you to do so much more than you ever thought possible.
  • Adding strength training into your life doesn’t have to look like daily hours-long workouts.

With strength training, you can go from feeling like you need to bubble wrap your body to feeling confident in the way you move and capable of fully participating in all of your favorite activities. Whether you love walking your dog, gardening, rock climbing, playing with your kids, swimming, dancing, or playing pickleball with your friends, strength training can empower you to show up 100%. Dig those dumbbells out of your closet and let’s go!

There's a different side to the story:

Yes I'm ready!

You’ve probably heard all of the typical fitness inspiration sayings: “never miss a day,” “no pain, no gain,” etc., which usually comes with a healthy dose of telling you that you need to change how your body looks. Stressful, right?

I want you to actually enjoy moving your body. I want you to feel welcomed and accepted for who you are and where you are in your strength journey. I want you to feel supported. I want you to take a break when your body needs a break and not feel bad about it. I want you to ditch any guilt and shame you feel about making decisions that support your body.

All of my training is weight inclusive, which means I don’t coach weight loss. We focus on body neutrality, which moves away from what your body looks like to how your body moves. There’s no body shaming and no judgment. I want you to feel supported and encouraged during your strength journey!

Experience the kinder side of strength training.

Emily, Colorful Strength Client

"I realized how strong I am...  Being given the space to try things with support allowed me to recognize my own strength and abilities and quiet the lies I'd been telling myself!"

Colorful Strength Client

Simon, owner of epic home decor

“If you need custom art done, you have to go to Waverly. She knocks it out of the park each and every time.”

Simon, owner of epic home decor

“If you need custom art done, you have to go to Waverly. She knocks it out of the park each and every time.”

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A 1:1 ask-Sarah-anything session that can completely revitalize your workouts. Get a fresh outlook by booking a fitness consult that doesn’t require an ongoing training commitment. You deserve more than a “good enough” fitness plan! 

Vibrant Workout refresh

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A 12-week beginner strength group program to set your strength journey in motion. With the support of a community, learn step-by-step how to strength train, stick to a fitness plan, and experience the huge impact it can have on your life.

Colorful Strength

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A fully personalized 1:1 strength program for those who are ready to seriously invest in their bodies and reach exciting movement goals. Experience a fitness program that truly matches your unique lifestyle with the support to make it a lasting change.

Prismatic Coaching

How can we collaborate?

I want in!

One of the most common struggles I hear about when it comes to fitness is staying accountable and actually getting workouts done.

Did you know that you’re 65% more likely to meet your goal when you make a commitment to another person? And that it increases to 95% when you have ongoing check-ins with that person? (ATD) An accountability group can have a life-changing impact for you and your community.

That’s why I created the Fitness Friends Accountability Club!
It’s a community on Slack where we hold each other accountable to our big exciting movement goals. You’ll also find fitness tips that make your workouts better, prompts, resources, workout times, and more!

Where do I even start?

more about me

I’m an inclusive strength & movement coach who helps people gain strength, embrace their unique bodies, and find empowerment instead of judgment in fitness. No matter what you love doing, I want to help you feel excited, strong, confident, and capable while doing it! With 8 years of strength training and 12 years of swing dance instruction under my belt, I love helping people of all sizes, abilities, races, genders, and sexual orientations get stronger so they can participate fully in their lives.

I’m Sarah!

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