I totally agree!

Mindset and fitness go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel discouraged every time you fall off the workout bandwagon. You're desperate to keep going, but you can't help but get stuck yet again.
  • You're supposed to want to work out, but you don't. Maybe you feel motivated every once in a while, but it doesn't last.
  • You know exercise is good for you, but it feels like a chore, or maybe even punishment for something you did or ate.
  • You told yourself at the beginning of the year that this was your year to get fit, but it's been months and that still hasn't happened.
  • You see people enjoying exercise, but you've never felt that way and don't have any idea how to get there.

You've tried all the workouts...

But You're still stuck on the couch Beating yourself up for not being able to stick with any of them.

The key to creating a sustainable fitness plan isn't about which exercises you do or how many reps you need. Instead, it's about creating a habit of moving your body and learning tools to help you stay accountable. Your brain needs a workout just as much as your body does!

Mindset work is the bridge between wanting to work out and actually making it happen regularly. It's not woo woo stuff, it's using proven behavior change tactics that will help you create motivation and enjoy moving your body.

What if, instead of another workout for your body...

I want this!

you tried a workout for your brain instead?

Train Your Brain is a five day fitness mindset refresh. It's not an exercise program; it's a course that teaches you about common mindset struggles that hold people back from consistent workouts. You'll learn proven behavior change tatics that will help you create motivation, move consistently, and maybe even start to enjoy exercise.

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Train Your Brain

You can be on your way to making that happen in just five days!

Let's do this.

It's time to create a better relationship with exercise and make it a part of your life, for good this time.

"Thank you for your constant support! The mindset you help develop is incredible."

Heard from one of my clients:

Simon, owner of epic home decor

“If you need custom art done, you have to go to Waverly. She knocks it out of the park each and every time.”

Simon, owner of epic home decor

“If you need custom art done, you have to go to Waverly. She knocks it out of the park each and every time.”

five workbooks to help you take what you learn in the videos and apply it to your life

A toolbox of Behavior Change Strategies to help you build a habit of exercise and stay accountable

Five videos explaining common fitness mindset struggles and how to create a positive mindset when it comes to exercise

In Train Your Brain, you'll get:

meet your Coach

I’m an inclusive strength & movement coach who helps people get hella strong so they can have fun and live their lives in full color! My coaching is beginner-friendly, movement-based, and size-inclusive (no weight loss or calorie counting!). I believe in coaching that is kind, not shaming or judgmental, as so many fitness experiences are. With 9 years of strength training and 12 years of swing dance instruction under my belt, I love helping people who don't feel like they belong in mainstream fitness spaces find their strength so they can take full advantage of every movement opportunity in their lives.

I’m Sarah!


Are you ready to ditch what you're supposed to do and finally stick to a workout plan?

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Train Your Brain