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A colorful twist to typical online strength training programs.

You feel like your body is working against you.

You worry about finding time for exercise in your busy life.

You’re desperately searching for workout accountability.

Your joints ache and crackle like you’re 80, but you’re only 30.

You feel frustrated and stuck in your current workout routine, or you don’t have a workout routine at all.

You long for the feeling of participating in your favorite activities without limitations.

Do any of these sound like you?

I'm so in!

Invest in yourself.

If any of the above hits home for you, I want you to know that it IS possible to leap over those overwhelming exercise barriers! You deserve more than feeling stuck or settling for a program that doesn’t actually work for you.

You can feel empowered during exercise.

You can move with more ease during your daily life.

You can do exercise in a way that fits your body, goals, experience, and lifestyle.

You can show up 100% for all your favorite activities, whether that’s playing with your kids, playing sports with friends, walking your dog, or hiking up a mountain.

You have exciting movement goals, and I want to help you fulfill those dreams!

This is a program for those who are seriously ready to invest in their bodies and reach exciting movement goals. Prismatic Coaching is a fully personalized 1:1 strength program that matches your unique lifestyle and provides the support you need to make lasting changes. We work together in this high-touch program to start where you are right now and build a routine that fits your life like a glove.

well, say hello to

Prismatic Coaching

This fully personalized coaching experience is all about you and what you need for your program to be successful.

What makes Prismatic Coaching different from other online strength training programs?

Alterations for every exercise

Every body moves differently. Together, we create a program that takes your strengths, limitations, likes, and dislikes into account. Each exercise is chosen to feel comfortable for you while also being effective. We embrace your body and work with it, not against it.

You're the star of the show!

Movement-infused programming

While most typical strength training helps you get stronger, it’s not necessarily helping you get stronger in all the ways you move in your life. In Prismatic Coaching, movement is an integral part of your program that allows you to bend, step, twist, and reach with confidence as you live your life without limitations.

say less I'm in

You wake up in the morning after an incredible night's sleep with enough energy to tackle anything that comes your way today. Your friend calls and asks if you want to go hike a new trail since it's so nice outside. Halfway through the hike you realized you've already gone farther than you used to be able to do, yet you don't feel exhausted or sore. You finish the hike and move on with your day you don't have achy muscles or joints from the rocky trail. You feel like you could even do the hike again if you wanted!

The best part? This experience could apply to any of your favorite activities!

What if this was your
new reality?

Have me in your back pocket for the accountability support you need to be successful.

A workout program completely tailored to you and your exciting goals, delivered through your personal QuickCoach account.

Weekly hour-long Zoom calls
where you walk away with all questions answered and confidence for the week’s workouts.

The Prismatic Coaching Experience:

A FREE initial movement assessment to kick off our training and help you hone in on your training goals.

A compassionate, inclusive, and
coaching environment.

Access to any additional materials (videos, worksheets, etc.) that are beneficial for your training.

meet your Coach

I’m an inclusive strength & movement coach who helps people gain strength, embrace their unique bodies, and find empowerment instead of judgment in fitness.. No matter what you love doing, I want to help you feel excited, strong, confident, and capable while doing it! With 8 years of strength training and 12 years of swing dance instruction under my belt, I aim to create a fitness space that is accessible and welcoming to all.

I’m Sarah!

this is for me

While I’ve done the coaching certifications and know a lot about fitness, you are the expert of your body! Most online strength training programs just deliver the program, but in Prismatic Coaching I’m always looking for your input. I adjust your program as we learn together about what feels best for you, what you need to get stronger, and what will help you reach those exciting goals. These adjustments help you see consistent results and make your program enjoyable along the way.

(I’ll never make you do burpees! Unless you love them, of course.)

A true partnership.

Joe, Prismatic Coaching Client

"It's definitely those moments when I look in the mirror and see the real physical gains that I wanted from where I was a couple of weeks/months ago that really stand out to me."

Simon, owner of epic home decor

“If you need custom art done, you have to go to Waverly. She knocks it out of the park each and every time.”

Simon, owner of epic home decor

“If you need custom art done, you have to go to Waverly. She knocks it out of the park each and every time.”

But why
online strength coaching?



Online coaching provides the ultimate flexibility. Gone are the days of needing to drive to the gym and meet your personal trainer at 5am before heading to work. Instead of scheduling life around your workouts, schedule workouts seamlessly into your life! By allowing you to work out when you choose, your workout plan becomes sustainable and enjoyable.

Gyms can be uncomfortable spaces for many people, especially marginalized populations. When you train online, you can do it from the comfort of your own home or a space you do feel comfortable.

Depending on where you live, movement-based and weight-inclusive coaches may not be available. Online coaching allows us to work together from anywhere in the world! (And don’t worry- as long as you have a decent camera, I’ll be able to see what’s going on and be able to give feedback during our live sessions!)

But why online strength coaching?

Why three months? In my experience, this is the minimum amount of time it takes to fully adjust to a new training program and start seeing results. A three month investment encourages you to stay accountable and fully commit to your fitness goals.

you sign up for your initial three months of training.

You fill out the application.

How it works:

Filling out the application doesn't commit you to training. Once you submit your application, we'll set up a (free) movement assessment to see if we're a good coaching fit!

After the initial three months, you can choose to continue with weekly Zoom calls ($449/month) or switch to weekly phone call check-ins ($199/month). Your program progresses and you start seeing big results!

You choose your ongoing plan.

Apply here

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the answer is yes. In my experience, this is the minimum amount of time it takes to fully adjust to a new training program and start seeing results. A three month investment encourages you to stay accountable and fully commit to your health and fitness goals. If you have previous strength training experience and feel you don't need quite as much support for the first three months, we can discuss during our movement assessment!

You don't need anything to get started! We can use what you already have around the house such as backpacks and jugs. As your program progresses and you get stronger, you might want to consider investing in more fitness equipment in your home gym. You can join a gym if you would like, as it would give you access to more equipment than most home gyms. It's not necessary though!

You can start at any time! There's no level of "in-shape" you need to be before applying. Strength training is for everyone and will adapt to where you are now. There will never be any expectation for you to be able to do certain exercises to qualify.

That depends! If you have concerns, we can discuss during our movement assessment. Because we work together to craft your program, it's very attentive to what works best for you and there will always be adjustments as we see fit. If we decide we're not a good coaching fit, I have other coaches with similar values I can refer you to!

I do not. As a certified personal trainer, it is outside my scope of practice to provide specific nutritional advice or meal plans. I do have referrals to fantastic nutrition coaches I can refer you too, though!


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