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You deserve more than a “good enough” program to reach your workout goals.

When you started your current workout plan, you saw a lot of results. But now you feel like you’re in the weeds with it- your results have tapered off and you’re not sure what to do to change it. Or maybe your workout goals have changed and your program doesn’t quite match them anymore. Even in the midst of struggling with your program, you have a bigger vision for what’s possible!

You deserve more than “good enough” workouts- you need a workout refresh!

Do your workouts feel stale?

The Vibrant Workout Refresh is a single 75-minute session for workout advice that requires no ongoing commitment. During the session, we review your current workout plan and shake things up to make it more tailored to your goals and your body. During the two weeks following your session, you integrate those adjustments into your workouts and start seeing fresh results.

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Vibrant Workout Refresh

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You don’t have to be a fitness programming expert to keep doing workouts on your own. Instead of cramming hours of YouTube fitness videos into your head, you need a partner to come in and shake things up!

That’s where I come in. I want to help you make the adjustments necessary to realign your workout plan with your current life and goals. You guide our Vibrant Workout Refresh session to make sure it matches your workout goals. I’ve done all the research to be able to make those adjustments quickly so we don’t waste your time, and you walk away with a shiny program that feels new again.

The only requirement for your Vibrant Workout Refresh is that you already have a fitness plan. If you’re looking for a brand new workout plan, check out Prismatic Coaching or the Creative Lifting Club!

Let me do the heavy lifting.

Andry, Prismatic Coaching Client

"When I was working with you, I went from being like sedentary to... I felt more comfortable with my swing outs and I felt stronger in my legs. I still do the farmer carry that you taught me."

Simon, owner of epic home decor

“If you need custom art done, you have to go to Waverly. She knocks it out of the park each and every time.”

Simon, owner of epic home decor

“If you need custom art done, you have to go to Waverly. She knocks it out of the park each and every time.”

I want this

It takes time to get used to something new! You might have questions or want a check-in about your new program. That’s why you have two weeks of private Slack support after your session to make sure you feel comfortable with the changes we made. You have me in your back pocket to answer questions and look at any exercise videos you send.

Two weeks of support post-session.

meet your Coach

I’m an inclusive strength & movement coach who helps people gain strength, embrace their unique bodies, and find empowerment instead of judgment in fitness.. No matter what you love doing, I want to help you feel excited, strong, confident, and capable while doing it! With 8 years of strength training and 12 years of swing dance instruction under my belt, I aim to create a fitness space that is accessible and welcoming to all.

I’m Sarah!

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You deserve workouts that excite you!